Stop Selling Death

  Moving from conflict to conflict in the Middle East, trying to keep up with the politics and players involved, the unrelenting violence, the rising death toll and refugee crisis, is as [...]

America – An Intervention

Hi America. Come on in. Have a seat. Get comfy. Well, we’ll just come right out and say it, since we really care about you. You have an addiction. To violence. I know you’re hurting, [...]

Cut the F-22 Outdated Fighter and get an Afghanistan exit strategy in a Few Days

We have a chance to win on two issues in the next few days: 1. Cut the funding for the outdated F-22 Jet, which both Pres. Obama and Def. Sec. gates want cut. 2. Get an exit strategy from the [...]

War Toll

Those who were killed in Iraq from Jan 18 to 24: Pvt Ricky Turner  20  Athens AL Pvt Matthew Pollini  21  Rockland MA Pvt Grant Cotting  19  Corona CA Sgt Kyle Harrington  24  Swansea MA 5 were [...]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Nov 23 to 29: Ltn William Jernigan  35  Doraville GA Sgt Anthony Davis 43  Triangle VA Cap Frank Warren 26  Cincinnati OH 13 wounded were returned to occupation. 165 [...]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Nov 16 to 22: Sgt Miguel Wilson  36  Miami FL Pvt Charles Barnett  19  Bel Air MD Sgt Marcelo Velasco  40  Bonham TX 33 were seriously wounded. 6 wounded were returned [...]

Iraq & Afghanistan Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Nov 9 to 15: Sgt William McClellan  22  New Castle IN Spc Corey Shea  21  Mansfield MA Sgt Jose Regalado 23  Los Angeles CA Spc Armando De La Paz  21  Riverside CA Spc [...]