Iraq Toll

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Those who died in Iraq from Feb17 to 23:
Spc Chad Groepper  21  Kingsley IA
Spc Luke Runyan  21  Spring Grove PA
Spc Michael Matlock Jr  21  Glen Burnie MD
Cpl Albert Bitton  20  Chicago IL
Sgt Conrad Alvarez  22  Big Spring TX
Sgt Bryant Mackey  30  Eureka KS
Cap Nathan Raudenbush  25  Royersford PA
Cpl Drew Weaver  20  St Charles MO
Spc Keisha Morgan  25  Washington DC
47 were seriously wounded and maimed.
23 were returned to occupation.
304 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.
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  • Clyo Beck

    I admire what your organization is doing, however, I must note an error in your notice.

    The notice I received stated that the film “The Folly Of Attacking Iran” would be shown on Wednesday, February 26th. February 26th, however, was a Tuesday. It was also the same day I received the notice, which was late notice for me to attend anything. I, typically, need to plan ahead.

    The error in the date – and late notice – shoots what you’re doing in the foot. I wish more people cared, but you’re fighting an uphill battle and you can’t afford mistakes like that in disseminating information.

    The folly of going to war against Iran should be obvious, especially considering the debacle in Iraq and the false reasons given for starting that war. But people are concerned with personal problems, such as the subprime meltdown. If you haven’t yet read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, she paints a grim picture of the powerful forces pro-peace proponents are up against. in which disasters of all kinds are used – or manufactured – in order to distract people from the bigger picture.

    The more disaster, the higher profits for those that sell arms and rent mercenaries to the U.S. government. Disasters give corporations the opportunity to come in and buy land cheap while people are reeling from the shock because disaster, economic meltdown, personal loss – these all serve to shock people and make them incapable of reacting appropriately to bad politicians and bad policies.

    Unfortunately, the more crazy weather we have, the more tornadoes we have, the more blackouts we have, the more worries we have about our currency, the more families that are reeling from their children returning from Iraq with debilitating injuries – all these supposedly unrelated events will make it more difficult for lower and middle-class Americans to cope and survive.

    As a result of this steady piling on of disaster – whether allowed through inaction as in Katrina or caused through deliberate planning via the war in Iraq – the up-close-and-personal affect of such disasters will continue to turn the eyes of Americans away from the dirty deeds of this administration until we get that it is all part of a bigger picture and accept that that picture is not based upon logic or the best interests of Americans, but is based on greed that has grown to diabolical proportions.

    But I digress.

    Good luck and God bless you in your work.

  • barbpa

    I apologize for the late notice. There’s a lot going on here and we could on your local affiliates to help get the word out to people like you far in advance. Also, to keep updated on happenings in your area and in Washington you can always check out the Peace Action website. Thanks for your support and for your insight. We’ll keep fighting the good fight together!

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