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Commemorating a Dark Day
August 6th the U.S. Opened Pandoras Box

August 6 is the 63rd anniversary of the day that an American atom bomb destroyed Hiroshima, Japan in an instant. It’s a day for somber reflection, but also an opportunity to look forward and insist that our leaders take concrete steps to eliminate the nuclear threat.

Peace Action affiliates all over the country will hold vigils and events to bring attention to this tragic anniversary. Every year Peace Action sends one of our dedicated activists to Hiroshima to represent the peace movement at events in Japan. This year we are sending George Martin, Program Director of Peace Action Wisconsin. When he returns George will be touring the Mid-West as part of our Peace Voter grassroots campaign. He’ll beworking with Peace Action organizers and new activists to work with Peace Voters before this pivotal election season ends.

Why not start now? Both Senators McCain and Obama have stated this year that they support the goal of a nuclear weapons free world. Please contact the Presidential campaigns by e-mail and ask them “what is your plan to get there?” And be sure to ask for a reply.

John McCain:
Barrak Obama:

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  • Frank Gorman

    Granted, the first use of nuclear weapons was to bring a long hard war to a close without the millions of casualties, on both sides, that would have occurred had an actual invasion of the Japanese Homeland was needed.

    Now after living with this nightmare for sixty plus years and being in a less deranged atmosphere, the time has come for the civilized nations of the world to bring this to an end. Place the responsibility for all nuclear material under the United Nations Nuclear
    Agency headed by the eight civilized industrialized nations of the world. Given the power and authority granted by the full United Nations General Assembly Membership
    to inspect any and all suspicious unauthorized use of Nuclear Energy, with the full United Nations Peacekeeper force to serve as inforcement in any country.

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