Help elect a peace candidate in Arizona

 In Election 2008

This election year, one of the most important things we can do to change our foreign policy is to change the people who make it. The Peace Action West Voter Fund will be updating you throughout the next few months about progressive candidates all over the west who will help bring a new direction in US foreign policy.

First stop is the first district of Arizona. Republican Rick Renzi is retiring in disgrace after facing a 35-count indictment covering everything from money laundering to fraud. The first district of Arizona is now wide open, giving us the opportunity to elect a candidate who will support a progressive foreign policy.

Howard Shanker is one of several candidates competing for the Democratic nomination in the primary on September 2nd. An attorney and adjunct professor, Shanker has represented groups such as the Sierra Club and the Navajo Nation in fighting for environmental justice. He is an endorser of A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq and wants to divert some military spending to research alternative energy. He supports diplomacy with Iran and the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Click here to contribute to Howard Shanker’s campaign.

I met with Howard in June when I was in Arizona, and I was impressed with how engaged he was on our issues and his interest in Peace Action West and our work.  The primary is only three weeks away; we urgently need to support this progressive candidate.  We learned in 2006 that we can’t just elect any Democrats; we must elect progressives who are willing to take a stand to bring about a major shift in our foreign policy. Howard Shanker urgently needs our support before the September 2nd primary to make that happen.

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