Update on U.S. India Deal

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Read background on the deal here.  Call your Congressperson and your Senators TODAY 202.224.312, here are some talking points for you as well.

It’s looking more likely that the House will vote on Berman’s Iran
proposal tomorrow on suspension.

As of yet, the language is still being finalized, and we’re very
concerned that the hawks are pushing for 362-type blockade provisions to
be included in this otherwise not too terrible bill.

But since the language is still being written, now is the time to push
to keep 362 out. Everyone should get in touch with their contacts in
Berman’s and Pelosi’s offices and tell them not to include the
controversial 362 provisions in this package. Also, it’s a good idea to
get in touch with any and all members on HFAC and get them to tell
Berman to keep it out.

We (NIAC) are not going to oppose the sanctions bill unless it includes
language from 362 which, we will remind members, has rightly been
blocked from a markup or a suspension vote so far and would be anything
but non-controversial.

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