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It’s been truly heartwarming to read your messages of peace to the Iranian people—they are thoughtful, intelligent, and kind. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to and read some of the messages, here is a taste of what people are saying:

“I will never forget the spontaneous candlelight vigil that the people of Tehran held following the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The people of Iran stood with all the world against terrorism that day and please know that there are many Americans that stand with the Iranian people for peace.”

“Iran is the cradle of civilization, one of the oldest continually inhabited areas on earth. Iran is also responsible for some of the largest expansions of knowledge in many areas such as mathematics and architecture. The United States is one of the youngest nations and should be willing to learn from the long history of Iran. Both nations have more to gain from cooperation than from confrontation.”

“I know that the men and women of Iran must love their children every bit as much as my husband and I love our two precious daughters. It is my hope that the people of Iran and the people of the United States can come together in forcing their respective governments to work in the best interests of ALL of OUR children (Iranian and American) by holding talks.”

I need to compile all of your messages to take with me when I leave on Friday, so if you haven’t recorded a message yet, the deadline is 9pm PST on Wednesday. Just call 1-469-212-0832, ext 86309 to leave your message. You can leave a written comment and see what everyone else is saying here.

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