Poll: Afghanistan ‘Not Worth It’

 In Afghanistan

According to a new Washington Post-ABC opinion poll, a majority of the Americans questioned (51%) say that the war in Afghanistan is not worth the price.  All in all, this marks the first time that a majority believes that the costs exceed the benefits in the Afghan war.

But faith in some form of victory remains.  Understanding that Obama inherited the war from his predecessor, 60% approve of his handling of the situation.  A good majority of those polled express a degree of confidence that American troops can defeat the Taliban, provide effective economic development, and encourage the creation of an honest and effective Afghan government.

Obama should also take heed of the changing political landscape.  Interestingly, Afghanistan remains Obama’s most popular policy among Republicans. His decisions in this war are costing him his liberal base.  With Congressional elections coming up in 2010, some form of progress on the ground or a scaling down of the operation becomes imperative.

With the Afghanistan election yesterday, the recent spike in violence, and an upcoming decision on whether or not to increase troop levels,  it is becoming clear that a majority of Americans are questioning our presence in Afghanistan.

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