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 In Action Alert, Afghanistan

This week marks 8 years in Afghanistan, and President Obama is thinking of doubling down on war. Republicans are bombarding him with pressure to send as many as 45,000 troops.

Is the President hearing enough from us?

Show President Obama and the nation that opposition to this misguided war is powerful, by joining our Facebook vigil at the White House. Click here, where you can join the vigil in two clicks. (Not on Facebook? Click here for an alternate action).

While Sen. John McCain and General McChrystal are pushing for escalation, is the president hearing the voice of Zahra, who, after losing her entire family in an airstrike, trembles with fear every time she hears an airplane?  Or Jack Missman, whose father Greg died in Afghanistan after reenlisting, just so Jack could get health insurance?  We can’t let their voices be silenced in this debate. Please click here to hold your virtual candle outside the window of the White House.

Supporters of a troop increase are pulling out all the stops to box President Obama in. By making “soft on defense” accusations, they aim to make the escalation impossible to refuse. Let’s show them we aren’t “soft” — we are determined, we want peace, and leading up to the anniversary on October 7th, we will show our strength.

We are just kicking this off, and this week we’ll be asking you to help us FLOOD the White House Facebook page with comments that they can’t ignore. First we’ll need you to post your comment, then tell your friends.

As I reflect on the devastation the war in Afghanistan has caused, I am heartened by the dedication I see in our staff and supporters, and the passion you all have for doing what’s right.

Thank you for commemorating this anniversary the best way possible: through action.

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  • Al Sandine

    Congratulations, Rebecca, on your op-ed piece in the San Jose Mercury News. It’s excellent, and we’re using it for the East Bay Peace Action newsletter for October.

    • Rebecca Griffin

      Thank you, Al. I’m looking forward to speaking about my trip at the meeting in November.

  • janos

    Thank you for creatively using facebook on this issue. This war is finally becoming real to a lot of people, and we need to use the social networks to channel that awareness and energy.

  • любoвь

    Блин… Действительно красиво написано! Все это так знакомо…и правдиво!

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