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 In Afghanistan

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Today’s the day. We need to make a big impression with our White House Facebook vigil, and we need your help to do it. Please click here to join the vigil and pass it on.

After more than two days of a constant stream of messages on the White House page, more and more people are taking notice. Stories about our “friendly takeover” of the White House Facebook page are spreading through the blogosphere, Twitter, the media and through word of mouth. I am encouraged and inspired by the thousands of powerful messages expression compassion and commitment to holding our government accountable.

But we’re not done. Today is the eighth anniversary of the war, and we need to ramp up our pace and overwhelm the White House page with our message of peace. Click here to join the Facebook vigil, and tell your friends.

In a meeting with congressional leaders yesterday, President Obama said he is still unsure about whether to send more troops to Afghanistan. Congress is all over the map, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ready to roll over and go with any decision, Sen. John McCain accusing President Obama of making this high stakes decision at a “leisurely” pace.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, however, sees the writing on the wall: “I’ve also made it clear it’s a very difficult vote to get from the members. Their constituents don’t like an escalated war in Afghanistan. They’d like to see a different approach.”

She’s talking about you. We are being heard, and we can’t stop now. Our virtual vigil is bringing much needed attention to the opposition to the war. What more can we do if we get thousands of messages to the White House today? Click here to join the vigil, and make sure to tell your Facebook friends to join you.

Today’s milestone means the nation’s attention is turned to this critical debate. We need to make sure this story is about a growing movement to stop this war in its tracks and promote an alternative vision for peace and stability.

Thank you for your continued commitment to this important action.

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