Peace needs you

Happy New Year! There are just a few hours left to this decade, and these are my top four reasons why you should click here to help us reach our year-end goal with a gift before 12am tonight. 1. [...]

Big Change

A lot can happen in a decade. So as we end this one, I ask you to think big. What do you hope the world will look like by the end of the next decade? Do you think it’s a vision worth [...]

412 representatives support counterproductive Iran sanctions

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted 412-12 (with 4 members voting “present”) to pass the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act, a broad, aggressive sanctions bill that few if any [...]

Unmanned drones in Pakistani cities?

For years the US has been sending Predator drones — unnmanned bombers — into remote areas of Pakistan, on the hunt for Taliban and al Qaeda. Even though these raids have been [...]