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Happy New Year!

There are just a few hours left to this decade, and these are my top four reasons why you should click here to help us reach our year-end goal with a gift before 12am tonight.

1. For peace. Peace is every child’s right to a safe place to play, far from machine guns and landmines. For some, it’s a home safe from midnight air raids. Peace is the chance to heal from the wounds of war. It’s the truth that we all deserve these things, no matter what country we live in. Too many members of the human family live without peace, and to them and to us, peace is worth it. Please click here, if you agree.

2. Peace is possible. As Rebecca said in her email earlier this week, “after all, we stopped George Bush from building new nuclear weapons. If everyone who shares our vision for peace pitches in what they can, we can get this president to rethink the military approach to Afghanistan, and make a permanent mark of US foreign policy.”

3. Peace needs you. I’ll be frank. Not everyone in America cares about peace, or about how US foreign policy affects the lives of people around the world. But since you have gotten this far in this post, I suspect you do. Our work is 98 percent supported by regular people who happen to share this one, incredible thing with you. YOU CARE. All our successes are possible only with your help, and we go exactly as far as our members’ support allows us to go. With you we can do amazing things. Without you, we can’t.

4. And on top of all that, if you click here to give a gift of $40 or more before 12am tonight, we’ll send you the beautiful, colorful 2010 Peace Calendar, which lets you in on fun facts — like the anti-nuclear origins of the peace symbol, and the pro-peace roots of Mother’s Day.

We have an ambitious agenda, but we can do it, if we act together.

Thank you for ensuring your voice counts on matters that shape our world, and have a joyous and peaceful new year.
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