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A lot can happen in a decade. So as we end this one, I ask you to think big. What do you hope the world will look like by the end of the next decade?

Do you think it’s a vision worth fighting for?

I do. I believe we can do so much better than today.

Americans are tired of paying for war, and Congress is increasingly critical. Plus, President Obama knows that the people who elected him expect better than war. So the chance for big change is ours. And if everyone who shares this vision for peace pitches in now, we can make amazing things happen. Can you help out with a year-end contribution, and support our ambitous agenda? For a gift of $40 or more, we’ll send you our new 2010 Peace Calendar as a thank you.

To be sure, we are committed to pushing for more effective, peaceful alternatives to war in Afghanistan. But with your help, we can think bigger, and look beyond ending the war, even beyond preventing war with Iran. With your help, we aim to fundamentally reshape the American approach to solving global problems.

That means supporting cost effective aid programs that ease the poverty and instability that fuels conflict, instead of spending trillions on war. It means emphasizing diplomacy and cooperation over force. It also means overcoming the partisan politics and overheated rhetoric that drown out alternatives to war. When people like you get involved, we build the political will needed to break through that deadlock.

We’ve done it before. We’re the group behind the treaty that ended atmospheric nuclear testing, and we stopped President Bush’s new nukes. This year, our members have pushed key members of Congress to take political risks and voice skepticism about the war in Afghanistan. With our members behind us, we’ve convinced pro-peace voices in Congress to create an alternative Afghanistan strategy.

We are just getting started. We have a president who believes in diplomacy and a nation that’s tired of war. Our chance for big change is real, but it won’t last forever. That’s why we need everyone who shares the vision of a more peaceful, just world to pitch in what they can today. A better world is possible, and it is worth fighting for.

Please click here to make your year-end gift for a more peaceful future. And please consider a gift of $40 or more, and receive our beautiful, colorful peace calendar. It’s full of fascinating tidbits, like the story of the Peace Symbol’s birthday and the anti-war history of Mother’s Day.

Our members fund 98 percent of our work, and our success comes from engaging people like you in foreign policy issues like no other organization. Through Peace Action West, thousands of average citizens make their voices count on matters that shape our world. I hope you will join them.

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