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Many of us are still reeling from President Obama’s announcement that he is going to escalate the war in Afghanistan. Part of the tragedy is that we could be using far better tools than blunt military force. The good news is that the president’s own rhetorical emphasis on civilian tools presents an opportunity now to push for those alternatives.

That’s why we’re joining with groups like the One Campaign and Oxfam to call on the administration to reform the way we do foreign assistance and make sure these tools move to the forefront. We need to get 150,000 petition signatures by December 14th to deliver to the White House. Will you join us?

For decades, the US has had a hammer—our military—and every conflict has looked like a nail. Our government has neglected programs that build security by helping to lift people out of poverty and improve their quality of life. President Obama has spoken eloquently about rethinking what security means and how we create it, but without a significant shift in resources to fund those tools, we will never move beyond rhetoric.

Please sign our petition today urging the White House to give development and aid a leading voice in our foreign policy.

Right now in Afghanistan, military officers walk around with pocket money to throw at poorly developed aid projects because we don’t have enough trained civilians to do the work. Contractors are pocketing millions of dollars through fraud and waste. It’s time to stop paying lip service to development while bombing communities. If we want a future where the US creates stability and security through empowering communities, we need to raise our voices now. Please sign the petition today.

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  • Steve pesce

    Love you guys! I have two sons. And I am fully committed to ending this madness.

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