Take action: an end in sight for the war in Afghanistan?

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A new bill just hit Congress that demands a clear, unequivocal end of the war in Afghanistan. With your help we’ve been laying the groundwork for legislation like this. We can’t stop now.

Please click here to ask your representative and senators to cosponsor the new McGovern/Feingold bill calling for a timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Last week, people around the country flooded Congress with phone calls for a better approach in Afghanistan. Thank you to everyone who made a call last week, for helping set the stage for this major push for legislation that allows us to hold Congress accountable to ending this tragic war.

The evidence that the war in Afghanistan is a catastrophe just keeps piling up. Despite General McChrystal’s efforts to reduce civilian deaths, we just learned that so far this year the number of civilians killed by NATO has more than doubled.  This includes a botched raid where special operations forces killed 5 innocent civilians, including two pregnant mothers, and then tried to cover it up. Just last week, troops fired into a bus full of civilians, killing as many as five people and causing a firestorm of protest.  The Obama administration wants to add another $33 billion to escalate this war and put more Americans in harm’s way. How is more of this destruction going to be better? We need a new way. Click here to urge your representatives and senators to support a clear end date for this war.

This new bill, introduced by Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA), Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), would require the president to present Congress with an exit strategy by the beginning of next year, and report to Congress every 90 days on implementing the strategy.

We need your help to get a strong showing to end the war. The word about this effort is getting out in the news. We need to make sure the final story is that opposition to the war in Congress is only getting stronger. Please take action today.

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