Obama's Afghanistan announcement

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Tuesday night, President Obama announced that another 34,000 troops will come home from Afghanistan by this time next year.

This is wonderful news for those 34,000 soldiers and their friends and families. But it’s not enough for the 32,000 troops and the Afghans who will still be mired in this war.

Tell Congress to keep pushing for a quicker end to the war in Afghanistan.

President Obama is moving forward with a withdrawal plan because of the immense pressure you have helped put on the administration over the past few years. We have to remain vigilant, and so does Congress.

Rather than acknowledging the failure of the military strategy and bringing all our troops and tax dollars home, the president is trying to please antiwar voters and the Pentagon at the same time. This halfway strategy means thousands of troops and Afghan civilians will remain in harm’s way for years to come.

Tell Congress the fight to end this war isn’t over.

There are still many decisions to be made, and the Pentagon isn’t going to let up in trying to drag out this war as long as possible. The administration still hasn’t announced what will happen after 2014, but reports indicate they will keep troops on the ground far into the future.  We owe it to the people on the ground in Afghanistan to raise our voices until every soldier comes home.

Take action now.

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