We need Raul Grijalva in Congress

 In Election 2010

One thing that keeps me going in our challenging work to end wars is the confidence that there are some members of Congress who will tirelessly fight for what is right. Rep. Raul Grijalva is one of those people, and he needs your help. Click here to help re-elect this progressive champion.

As Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Raul Grijalva doesn’t just vote the right way. He is at the forefront of congressional efforts to promote healthcare and jobs instead of bankrupting Americans through unnecessary wars. Before a massive war-funding vote, he boldly challenged the hypocrisy of so-called deficit hawks who vote for billions for war, stating, “That’s the essential hypocrisy.  We are required to offset anything for education, we are required to offset anything for jobs, and now this war is reaching $280 billion for taxpayers, all under an emergency supplemental category which doesn’t require offsets of pay-fors.”

With the rise of the irrational and xenophobic Tea Party, Rep. Grijalva has emerged as a target of the right in Arizona for his strong progressive leadership, especially in opposition to Arizona’s new harsh anti-immigrant law. Republicans are taking advantage of the political climate and mounting the first serious challenge to Rep. Grijalva in years. His opponent Ruth McClung is bashing Rep. Grijalva’s pro-peace stances and complaining that Obama isn’t threatening to nuke other countries.  Click here to donate to Raul Grijalva’s reelection campaign.

Rep. Raul Grijalva needs your help to show that his progressive vision has the support of Arizona’s voters and people all around the country who want Congress to fight for us.  Thank you for contributing to keeping a strong pro-peace voice in the House.

Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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  • Julie Brady

    I will make this short, but not sweet. My husband and I have owned a successful trucking company in Tucson for NINETEEN years. The last nine months have ruined us. We are currently filing for bankruptcy and it is due to the failing economy. We are joining thousands of other Arizonans but that does not ease the hurt and disappointment we have in our government. Our downfall is solely due to the economy and we are devastated. We need to fix this and prevent this from happening to hard working individuals such as my husband and I. We poured our hearts and souls into this business for 19 years and now we have nothing. PLEASE help us. How can you, as an Arizonan, support and condone the boycott of this wonderful state? This has affected SO many people, businesses and lives. I, as an Arizonan, will actively boycott YOU, sir. I also find it interesting that there is not way to email you directly from you web site even though we are not in your “district”……..you should be available to all Tucson residents, or are you boycotting emails to yourself as well?

    • Rebecca Griffin

      Julie, this blog is our organization’s blog and does not provide a direct line to Rep. Grijalva’s office. It is very common for congressional offices to only accept email from their constituents. I’m sure if you want to get in touch you can call one of the office numbers listed here: http://grijalva.house.gov/

  • Mark

    Julie – Our bad economic situation has only been made worse by Grijalva. How may people did you employ that are now out of jobs? We have to question who Grijalva really supports because he does not seem to care about his own state of Arizona.

    I just found out that more people voted for Grijalva in the primaries than voted for all the Republican candidates combined. And Grijalva was running unopposed.

    Grijalva is having a big belly laugh and petting a white cat right now because no matter what he says or does you still support him and you will keep voting for him.

    Boycott Grijalva this November.

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