Just four more to go!

 In Action Alert, Nuclear Weapons

Just four more Republican senators, and we’ll have the votes we need to ratify the first disarmament treaty in decades. Please click here to find out how just a little help from you can go a long way.

We are so close.

That’s why we won’t rest until we get another 5000 phone calls into key Republican offices in favor of the treaty. If we want to eventually get rid of nuclear weapons once and for all, we can’t let this treaty fall prey to the Senate’s partisan games.

I know that the idea of getting four more Republicans to support the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty sounds like a long shot. After all, a lot of Republicans are looking at this as a chance to deliver a blow to Obama.

But we’ve already made some major progress. As Katie said, our 24 organization national phonebank got nearly 5000 calls to key Republicans in just a few weeks, and we flipped two Republican votes and got it out of committee.

But Everyone, we won’t be able to keep this up without you! 98% of every bit of work we do is paid for by folks just like you. People who care enough about this world and yearn enough for peace to do something about it. Please click here to sponsor our national phonebank for just a buck a call. Your gift of $5 would help get 5 calls in to a key Republican senator, so give what you can today!

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