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  • Stephen Lewis

    I am extremely disgusted with Man’s Kind. Technological advancements that help us achieve greatness, yet we have trouble learning what was taught on Sesame Street. We still have not learned that cooperation is the key to tackling every issue. The word “peace” is not a debate filler word and I am tired of hearing the word thrown around as a catch phrase in every speech I’ve ever heard a politician give. It’s just one sound byte after another with a few profile shots of your best smile thrown in for good measure.

    America is a very wealthy and powerful nation. Because of that, America gets what it wants. If your not sure what America wants, follow the money. If you look at the budget reports of the U.S., you’ll find a majority of the money is spent on defense. I’ve heard it before, “that is what protects your Freedom, Justice and the American way”. I disagree. The only freedom our military complex protects is American freedom, the only justice protected is American justice, and the seven deadly sins seem to be the American way. You can not have peace on either side of a gun. We simply will not have peace on earth until we put down the sword and vow never to settle a dispute with force. A dispute settled with force is an unsettled dispute. If you are using force then your opponent is not at peace. Progress towards peace will not be made until we realize this truth.

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