Call now: House voting on Afghanistan

 In Afghanistan

The House is voting this week on amendments to end the war in Afghanistan. This is a huge opportunity to influence the contentious debate within the White House on how many troops to withdraw in July.

Call Rep. Barbara Lee at 1-888-231-9276 to support amendments to end the war in Afghanistan today. Then click here to let me know how it went.

Much of the work we’ve been doing over the last several months has been a build up to these votes. Many of our allies in Congress, like Reps. Lee, McGovern and Garamendi, will offer amendments based on bills we’ve asked you to support.

Strong votes in favor of these amendments will send a clear message to President Obama: Congress expects you to act end to the war. That’s why groups across the country are coordinating to flood Congress with your calls this week.

Call Rep. Barbara Lee at 1-888-231-9276 right now. Add your personal thoughts to this sample message:

My name is _____ and I live at ________. I am calling to urge Rep. ______ to vote in favor of amendments to end the war in Afghanistan this week.

Then, click here to report back on your call.

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  • James Rogers

    Aiming at the wrong target is not likely to be effective. The U.S.American President has little control over what he does, since he must do the bidding of his unnamed controllers, whose names begin with R. Most likely the unreported bonuses paid the congressmen encourages them to focus on the President rather than they know who it is. Obama is the best President this nation has ever had. It’s tragic that our elected representatives in defiance of U.S.American ideals are trying so hard to destroy him.

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