Our chance this week

 In Action Alert, Afghanistan

Our pressure on Congress is working. And because people like you are making their voice heard, this week we have a shot at letting the president know that opposition to the war isn’t going away.

Last week, when President Obama announced his disappointing plan to continue the war in Afghanistan indefinitely, members of Congress from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Carl Levin criticized the plan and vowed to push for a better one.

Now with the House preparing to vote on the $649 billion Pentagon budget, several of our congressional allies are lining up amendments aimed at blocking or cutting funding for the war in Afghanistan. Click here to tell your representative to support those amendments.

The Pentagon’s 2012 budget includes nearly $119 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) plans to offer an amendment to cut all funding for the war in Afghanistan except the money needed to fund a responsible withdrawal by the end of 2012. Other representatives will offer amendments to cut military spending.

Click here now to let Congress know that they must keep working to end the war.

A new report by a group of economists and political scientists put the cost of the war since 9/11 at 225,000 lives and $4 trillion. If we want to turn this around, we can’t stop working now, and neither can our representatives in Congress.

Thank you for taking action.

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