Peace Action West joins groups calling for diplomacy with Iran

 In Iran

This week, Peace Action West joined a broad coalition of groups calling on congressional leaders to support diplomatic engagement with Iran and oppose a disastrous military intervention. The letter to Congress begins:

We are deeply concerned by the increasing prospects of a disastrous war between the United States and Iran. At a time of dangerously escalating tensions, we urge in the strongest possible terms that any legislation advanced by Congress support a diplomatic resolution to the standoff and make absolutely clear that there is no Congressional authorization for military force against Iran.

Read the whole letter and see the list of organizational signers here. Click here to tell your representative and senators to oppose bills that push the US toward war with Iran. 

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  • JoAnn Salin

    Where are the demonstrators protesting against the Afghanistan War? Since they’re not on the streets to end the war NOW, perhaps they might assemble on the Internet. With this in mind, I created a website petition dedicated to the sole purpose of collecting enough signatures to make an impact on President Obama and our politicians. It’s time to end the war and bring home our troops, NOW.

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