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One influential Republican in Congress is not too happy that we won our campaign to zero out funding for a new nuclear bomb factory.

And rumor has it he is scheming to turn back the clock to the Cold War arms race. The good news is, he isn’t the only one who knows how to scheme.

Congress will be voting soon on the bill that authorizes all defense spending for 2013. If what we are hearing is true, there’s a major battle brewing over nuclear weapons spending this summer.

On one side, we have a push from Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) to put money for a new bomb factory back in the budget. On the other, we have several possible amendments to chip away even more money from the bloated nuclear weapons complex.

Click here to tell your Representative to vote for any amendments that would cut nuclear pork, and support efforts to keep the new nuclear bomb factory in New Mexico out of the budget.

Rep. Turner is resorting to scare tactics to get his nuclear payday. He said that without a brand new bomb plant “the United States would find itself, simply put, without the capability required to remain a nuclear weapons state.” But we are currently spending more money than at the height of the Cold War, when we only have a quarter of the bombs.

Your representative needs to hear from you now before voting begins. Click here to tell Congress to vote to cut spending on nuclear weapons.

There is bipartisan support to cut back on plans for new bomb plants, especially in these times of financial difficulty where many politicians are beginning to worry about bloated defense spending. With enough bipartisan support we can win on these votes. But your representative needs to hear from you to cut wasteful nuclear weapons spending. Take action today.

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