12 more years?

 In Action Alert, Afghanistan

Will our troops in Afghanistan see their children serve there 23 years after the war began?

Last week, President Obama announced an agreement with the Afghan government that could mean thousands of troops on the ground until 2024.

Congress must tell the president that twelve more years is twelve too many. Tell your representative to vote for a swift end to the war in Afghanistan.

The House will vote on amendments calling for a quicker end to the war in Afghanistan next week. This is Congress’s chance to send a message to NATO countries gathering this month in Chicago to talk about commitments to Afghanistan’s future.

The administration is already responding to the drumbeat of pressure from Congress and the public. Now let’s show him it’s not going away until we get a real plan to end the war.

In a tough election year, President Obama recognizes that it’s smart to sell this agreement as an end to the war. Democrats, Republicans and swing voters alike want our troops to come home.  Hawks who oppose even modest withdrawals won’t stop pushing, and we can’t either.

Thank you for taking action.

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