Republican hawks block vote to end war in Afghanistan

[youtube=] With the vast majority of Americans, including people of all political persuasions, supporting a withdrawal of [...]

You did it: Iraq war ending at last

In more than eight years of persistent and inspiring activism, you never lost sight of our goal: to bring every last American soldier home from Iraq. Today, it was gratifying to hear President [...]

Congress responds: our troops are leaving Iraq

Today, President Obama announced the overdue end to the war in Iraq. We were pushing for a complete withdrawal up until the last minute, with the Pentagon and some hawks pushing for a residual [...]

Need inspiration?

The 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan is next week, on October 7. Have you been thinking of which story you’d like to share in our online slideshow, “Your life in the decade [...]


“Unbelievable.” That’s how a retired army colonel described a new report that details rising catastrophic injuries to US troops. General Petraeus may have just testified to Congress that [...]