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I’m starting to think some senators are crazy enough to want a war with Iran.

How else do you explain the 59 senators who are cosponsoring a bill that could be so damaging to negotiations that President Obama has already threatened to veto it?

Tell your senators NOT to cosponsor S. 1881, the dangerous bill that could undermine our chance for peace with Iran.

The misleadingly titled Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act is a grab bag of horrible ideas slammed by experts on Iran.  More unnecessary sanctions, at the worst possible time, would be bad enough. But the bill also puts forward unrealistic demands for Iran’s nuclear program and states that the US would support an Israeli attack.  As of now, 43 Republicans and 16 Democrats have put their names on this horrendous bill.

We’re on Capitol Hill right now urging senators to oppose this bill. Give us the power to hold them accountable by sending a message to your senators now.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, leader of the Iranian negotiating team, made it clear how damaging these efforts are: “Some people are wedded to the idea that pressure will produce results.They are wrong. Pressure has produced 18,000 centrifuges in Iran. So if they want to continue that road — it is open to them, but it doesn’t produce any results.” It’s outrageous that these senators are willing to jeopardize a chance for a peaceful resolution and put us on a path toward war.

With the Senate coming back to work this week, hawkish groups are bombarding them with pressure to support this bill. Tell your senators not to be responsible for another disastrous war. Take action.

Thank you.


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