Action alert: time to choose: talks or war?

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It’s time for Congress to choose sides.

We’re at a crossroads, and the decisions our government makes could have costs in dollars and even lives. We’ve blocked a bad bill for now that politicians and pundits thought was a sure thing. But with talks for a permanent deal with Iran starting up this month, our opponents are going to regroup and come back to the fight. We need to take it up a notch.

Tell your representatives to pick a side: Talks or War.

The administration, the intelligence community, and countless experts have told Congress that sanctions and other legislation that tries to micromanage the diplomatic process could cause the talks to fall apart. But some members of Congress can’t resist the temptation to rattle sabers at Iran.

We’re launching a new campaign to force Congress to accept the consequences of their actions. 

When you take action in the Talks or War campaign, your representative will receive a reply card to return to you with a clear answer: I support letting diplomacy work, or I’m accepting the risk of leading us to war by supporting unhelpful legislation. In addition to the thousands of emails Congress gets, we have organizers on the ground collecting handwritten postcards to mail in with reply cards. Congress will not be able to ignore the choice they face of leading us to war or throwing their support behind diplomacy.

For years, members of Congress have tried to claim they support diplomacy while doing things that undermine it. With the Talks or War campaign, we’re letting them know that they can’t pretend to be unaware of the risk they’re taking in making war more likely. Your message lets them know that we will hold them accountable for the choices they make. Take action now.

In our dozens of lobby meetings this year, we’ve seen that members of Congress are sensitive to responsibility for getting us into another devastating war after the Iraq debacle. We’re driving that message home so they’ll think very carefully about any action they take on Iran.

Thank you for putting the pressure on.

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