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This Thursday, you have the opportunity to hear from some great speakers about Pentagon spending and a new vision for job creation that doesn’t involve wasting money on weapons we don’t need. The Article V Convention for Our Children’s Future is organizing a series of events so people nationwide can participate in this important discussion.

A collaborative broadcast on Thursday, July 18, will create a national, town hall forum in which citizens will have the opportunity to listen to experts on the subject of the military and how to transform the job creation landscape. The town hall will be broadcast on three community radio stations,KPFT Houston TX, KBOO Portland OR, KGNU Boulder CO, and allow for listeners to call in or listen live online.

Speakers at the town hall broadcast include: Miriam Pemberton, Institute for Policy Studies; Dr. Robert Pollin, University of Massachusetts; and Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (ret), former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell.

“Addressing the nation’s economic failures, energy needs and climate change challenges and completely dysfunctional government, comprise perhaps the most critical mission our Republic has ever shouldered – making the challenges of WWII or the Cold War pale in comparison,” said Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (ret), one of the speakers at the town hall.

“You don’t need to get into the details of the many reasons to question these figures to recognize the big flaw. Cutting military spending will only cost jobs if nothing else is done with the money,” wrote Miriam Pemberton, a speaker at the town hall, in her article Top 10 Myths of the Jobs Argument Against Military Cuts. “As economists from the University of Massachusetts have shown—findings recently corroborated by economists at the University of Vienna—military spending is an exceptionally poor job creator. Taking those cuts and investing them in other things—clean energy, education, health care, transportation—will all result in a net gain in jobs. Even cutting taxes creates more employment than spending on the military.”

The town hall will take place Thursday 7/18 from 5:30-7pm PT. You can click here to listen online, or call in to 1-800-737-3030 during the broadcast time.

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