Victory for diplomacy with Iran

 In Action Alert, Iran

This is unprecedented.

Last week more than a quarter of the House of Representatives signed a letter to President Obama urging him to seize the opportunity for renewed diplomacy with newly elected Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. We have never before seen so much support in favor of diplomacy with Iran in Congress.

Thousands of you raised your voices to urge Congress to show this leadership on Iran. Thank you for making this victory possible.

The widespread, bipartisan support for this letter proves that we have the first real opportunity in years to engage in productive diplomacy with Iran and stay off the path toward another disastrous war—if we harness this momentum.

Any big success like this for our side is bound to see a backlash. Hawks who want to continue our same failed policy with Iran will be riled up by this success, and will put pressure on representatives who signed the letter.

Click here to read the letter and see if your representative signed on. If your representative is one of the 131 who signed the letter, click here to say thank you.

If your representative DID NOT sign the letter, click here to express your disappointment and urge her or him to stand up for diplomacy with Iran.

I traveled through Iran in 2009, shortly after Obama’s inauguration, with the hope that we could see peace between our countries. This is the most optimistic I’ve felt about our prospects since that trip. We can’t let up now.

This is just the beginning. Thank you for making peace possible.

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