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30927_10150183416160391_1940262_nBy Judith Le Blanc

Do you want to reach thousands on August 9 with our message on the need for the Obama administration to engage in multilateral negotiations now for a nuclear free future?

Then join our Thunderclap. Watch a brief video and learn about how a Thunderclap works.

Thousands will see the message below on all of our Facebook pages and Twitter accounts on August 9 at 11:02AM, the time the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki:

Aug 9 1945 US A-bombed Nagasaki. Pres #Obama: Speak out at Sept 26 UN Nuclear Disarmament Summit! #NoMoreNagasakis

How do you join the Thunderclap?

Click on this link  and sign up. And on August 9 the message will automatically be sent to all your friends and supporters.

We need 100 people to sign up in the next 10 days for the message to be automatically posted on Facebook and Twitter. So far 55 have done so with a collective reach of 51, 366 people.

Join and spread the word by sharing this blog and posting the message below on Facebook.

Let President Obama know that US must participate in the UN 9/26 Nuclear Disarmament summit, to show the world that the US is serious about  nuclear disarmament.. Sign up ffor a Nuclear Free World Thunderclap here 

In order for the Thunderclap to happen we must sign up 100 participants by August 9 at 11:02 AM.

If 100 people have at least 200 friends on Facebook and 50 followers on Twitter we would reach 25,000. Plus if 10 of their friends do the same…you do the math!

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