WMDs – it's not just about Syria

 In Iran, Nuclear Weapons

Syria, Iran, and a more peaceful, democratic foreign policy

For the past few months, Peace Action has helped convene an ad hoc national coalition that successfully stopped a U.S. attack on Syria, at least for now. While this was quite a victory, much remains to be done. There is a chance congressional warmongers may try to revive a resolution authorizing the president to use military force if the chemical weapons disarmament agreement doesn’t come together quickly enough for them. So we’ll continue to press Congress, and the Obama Administration, to make diplomacy the priority.
We want your ideas on how to proceed on Syria, to help end the awful violence there. What would you like to propose for a “Syria Peace Platform?” For next steps to defuse tensions over Iran’s nuclear program? And finally, for a new, more sustainable, just, democratic U.S. foreign policy. Please share your wisdom with us by taking this short (only four questions!) Peace Action online supporters survey.

Ban the Bomb Already!

While we will remain vigilant for congressional backsliding on threats to attack Syria and propose better alternatives to end the awful anything-but-civil war there, we will pivot from a sole focus on Syria to WMDs in the U.S.: nuclear weapons. Next week the United Nations High Level meeting on Nuclear Disarmament (the first such meeting ever convened by the UN General Assembly) will be held on September 26, which we will be participating in as nongovernmental observers, and we’re helping convene an international strategy meeting the day after. Here’s your last chance to sign our petition to the Obama Administration calling for support for this and other multilateral nuclear abolition initiatives – please sign and circulate to your friends!

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Move the Money from Wars and Weapons to Human Needs

Over the next several weeks Congress will need to pass legislation to fund the government beyond the end of the month.  They will also need to raise the debt ceiling.  They will likely pass short term measures to keep the government going until the end of the year.  Republicans in the House will try to defund Obamacare as well as allowing the Pentagon to have more than its fair share.  Unfortunately, military hawks want to let the Pentagon steal resources from human needs like repairing bridges and helping the poor (cuts to food stamps are on the table).  Peace Action and its Move the Money campaign will keep up the pressure on Congress to spend our tax dollars in ways that more closely represent our values. We’ll be in touch soon with timely, specific action alerts on Congress’s budgetary tomfoolery. If you have friends, family or colleagues interested in these issues, tell them to sign up for our action alerts.

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

We have an exciting (and free!) offer for you.
Although you generally won’t find peace issues covered at any length in the U.S. mass media, there is a great deal of writing from a peace perspective scattered about in numerous publications.
For years, The PeaceWorker — once a print publication and now an online magazine produced by Oregon PeaceWorks, an affiliate of Peace Action — has pulled together these peace-oriented articles, plus some on other progressive issues, such as the environment and civil liberties.  Many of them are written by peace movement leaders and activists, including some from Peace Action.  Here are the articles that have appeared recently.
And now, Peace Action is happy to make the The PeaceWorker available to Peace Action members and supporters, free of charge.  You can subscribe directly by going to www.peaceworker.org and clicking on the “subscribe” button (top of page, third row of buttons).  You will then be given several options for subscribing.  Select the one you like and click the “subscribe now” button in the window.
Although The PeaceWorker is not an official publication of Peace Action, we think you will find it interesting, lively, and provocative – a magazine that will assist your efforts and ours in creating a better world.

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  • Ronald L. Waldron


    New Snowden revelation details vast US intelligence “black budget” (more)

    US condemnation of chemical weapons use not applied to Israel. (more)

    Google: Fighting Terrorism At Home & Abroad
    (Read the last few post ++)

    Google: http://WWW.universal-peace.com

    Google: Ronald L. Waldron


    President Barack Obama (NOBEL-PEACE PRIZE WINNER) NO MORE WARS–IT IS TIME FOR PEACE. Time for any measures needed to bring Israel down to its size. Enough of the atrocities against its neighbors and Palestine. Everyone needs Peace and a quality of life not seen since 1948. Time for the action promised by our PRESIDENT.

  • Jerry "Peacemaker"

    Give all those representatives and senators who are behind the war in Syria guns and a ride to Damascus, where they can go to the frontlines and prove their case-fight for their “noble” cause.. No, you will not see a single one of these war-mongers or any members of their families lead the charge. Nobility and honor, peace and non-violence do not belong to their vocabularies. Power, wealth and control are prominent words which are unspoken by these people, yet motivate their actions. Irreparable harm done to their fellow human beings on the other side of the Earth causes them absolutely no concern.

    • Anonymous

      From your America community organizer no more
      War in syria we waded a War in Iraq whith should not had wades,those people in the third World Country have also had their fight

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