Your voice at the UN: Iran petition delivery

 In Iran


This morning, our friends at Berim delivered over 100,000 petition signatures to a representative of the US’s UN delegation, urging President Obama to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and recommit to diplomacy with Iran. Berim, Credo, Win Without War and Just Foreign Policy all joined with Peace Action West to gather signatures at this crucial time for negotiations with the new Iranian government.

Thanks so much to all of you who signed the petition and shared it with your friends. Check out more photos of the petition delivery here.

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  • kara j lincoln

    How special this is to see all of you unite. Thank You for your good work!
    oh how I wish this could be true. for we can do this if we are prepared for what is going take place.

    Today others have not felt this positive, rather they feel the US gov is going to still strike Syria, + support Israel. these are people watching the technical markets for stock, as well stories heard from some republicans are rather scary, in their support for Israel, their need to not diminish the good face of US strength, not to mention the underlying goals of perhaps wanting the natural gas found, etc.

    I did not like to hear of the contract being fulfilled, from the past, from Russia with Iran for their weapons for defense.

    please do keep us posted of the great detail that you people seem to define early on, so we can all work at this together.

    I do feel we need transparency to show the web that is weaved, so we understand these transactions behind the scenes taking place. so we can better stop US from supporting those that indirectly support others, as well those directly, with weapon sales/exchanges/desires to gain from resources as they deviate the message to the American people.

    as well the reality of how long it takes to truly rid the chemical weapons. for how can we expect Syria to do this in such short time. if US with good science could never do it in that time period.

    so all the facts are not being told to this story + should be, for what is fair for one should be fair for all. + it appears this is one of the reasons some US legislators feel they should strike due to Syria not being able to comply to their schedule, which is wrong.

    we need to make sure legislators do not hold themselves above the public, as they pursue their expectations + get a way with it. as well take advantage of this calm before the storm to cover bases, for it appears many have different agendas leading to aggressive acts for their gains.

    this is the time we should continue to organize for all WMD to be rid, as we get to root of issues + truly decipher them as we work at a new mode of bringing peace to an understanding that has never yet happened.. we can decipher + go beyond the words that truly are not representing the feelings held within. as many have not had calmness to work at it.

    peace needs some clarification, so we can stay on top of those people with different neuro networks that are stealing from the moment as they try to speak a language of the past. it would be nice to see us continue with a new mode of peace negotiations so US + Russia no longer use ploys as Israel + Iran to speak for them. same with fighting on others turf as in Africa. we need to hold ourselves accountable + directly define the root of the issues + resolve, not go thru others.

    with the much good work done from many, we should dig a little deeper, so we all see the same shade of color. for words of understanding from ones experience is not the same, when yet another has had different experiences, yet speak the same words. common sense can only be similar to all when we bring clarity into what sustains us as a human family. then we reflect an energy that we know is real. especially when we associate, assimilate + apply, vs. simply agree, yet changes don`t take place.

    this way we can work within the sensitivity of all life, as well stop the destruction of our biomes genetic bio-diversity, once we all understand we need this life to sustain ours. yet many are left without.

    mother earth needs the respect from us to live within these natural enhanced limits in order to support this life. way too much self interest from people that started as a gov employer making over a 130k or so/yr, then in 5 years end up millionaires + more, as they have contributed to this war mode or false green economy, ruining the environments that need to globally link.

    meanwhile many do not see this. we have yet to prevent + truly share the harmony that many collectively achieve in patches. but it is shallow if these patches do not link with the pockets without. for when we destroy afar, we destroy at home.

    we can reflect what works, as we reach out + link..

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