Your Opinion Matters – Survey on U.S. War in Syria and Iraq

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Please take a minute to complete a simple, four question survey regarding U.S. military action in Iraq and Syria..

It helps to know what you think.  We want our communications, and most especially our calls to action, to align with your interests and concerns.  That means greater participation and greater impact on decision makers.

Asking you to share your views is something we don’t do enough of, so please take a minute – just a minute – to answer four questions.

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  • Oliver Robinson

    Hello my fellow American opinion dose matter should u.s.troops be on the ground in Syria,not at this time let the president take a minute to look over the business in Syria and Iraq, we should not wades a War with u.s. troops, let some of the other third World Country fight this one out with the ISIS and in Syria let us hold our peace. the key word is( let us think about it)
    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.d

  • Rick Olanoff

    The current problems in Iraq and Syria have many antecedents: The way that Iraq was artificially created by the British. (I’m wondering if a similar process was used to make Syria a country, America’s history of backing genocidal dictators in this and other regions, America’s militarization of the world, and our very unnecessary and wrong war(s) on Iraq.

    We have also backed very sectarian leaders in Iraq. Now the situation is one without any workable answers, and the worst choice would be sending in hundreds of thousands of ground troops.

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