Torture is wrong, illegal and ineffective – do we really need to debate this?

–Kevin Martin, Executive Director Apparently we do. Last week’s release of the Senate report on CIA torture, er “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques,” provoked a quite a media storm, [...]

Be a Patriot, Uphold the Constitution: Save Obama From His Tortured Justifications For Drone Strikes, Kill Lists and Targeted Assassinations

–Kevin Martin, Executive Director My cousin David has a cool used record and bookstore in downtown Lancaster, PA (my hometown) called BohoZone, check it out if you visit Lancaster. Bought [...]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Dec 2 to 8: Sgt Kyle Dayton  22  El Dorado Hills CA Pvt Dewayne White  27  Country Club Hills IL Sgt Eric Hernandez  26  Waldwick NJ Cap Adam Snyder  26  Fort Pierce [...]

Iraq Toll

Those killed in Iraq from Nov 25 to Dec 1 Spc Benjamin Garrison  25  Houston TX Pvt Isaac Cortes  26  Bronx NY Cpl Allen Roberts  21  Arcola IL Sgt John Tobiason  42  Wichita KS Cpl Blair Emery  [...]

Fighting Terrorism at Home & Abroad

When we talk about “Real Security through International Cooperation and the Funding of Human Needs” it is sometimes hard to understand what that means in terms of our daily lives.  On my way home [...]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from November 4 to 10: Pvt Adam Muller  21  Underhill VT Sgt Derek Stenroos  24  North Pole AK Sgt John Linde  30  New York NY Sgt Carletta Davis  34  Anchorage AK PO Kevin [...]