The Song plays on…from Vietnam to Iraq

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  • H.Andersen

    We’ve had Many too Many Wars –
    we want PEACE, NOW !

  • barbpa

    I could not agree more.

  • Ronald L. Waldron


    ( All major news sources in the USA is owned and controlled by them)+++

    Homeland Security Agency Developed by G.W. Bush, taking over all Federal
    regulatory agencies. (And controlling Local & State agencies)

    AIPAC (Syndicate Lobby), Israel (Our Worst Enemy), Zionist arranged & paid for
    the murder of (6) million True Jews that objected to forced take over of Palestinian
    lands. The occupiers of the Republican Party, strictly foreign interest, Theft of the
    Jewish Identity to develop such Religious State. The largest and corrupt group of
    organizations with the financial means, and intent to take over control globally.

    These people and their minions’ (R/Congress) have obstructed Democrats and
    President Obama from doing anything benefitting We the American People.
    Duel citizenship people placed in high offices dictating Foreign Policies.
    Corruption wide spread across our country, chapters every-where.

    Hillary Clinton has/is attacking these Special Interest groups, and the corruption
    involved. Special FOREIGN interest groups, only interest being ISRAEL.

    Today, after several notices of intent by the individual to fly his helicopter onto
    capital lawn. Undetected, by the Security system. BULLSHIT—Set up and allowed
    to follow through with an attack on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Donations from
    special interest from Saudi Arabia. Have the Saudi’s received anything from Hillary.

    We have seen nothing from Republicans for the American people. 19 Trillion in Debt
    for the WARS, and AID to & for Israel alone. Treason should be charge against them ,
    what do we get? SILENCE on those issues. BUT stand-by. THE BUBBLE WILL BURST !
    False Flag operations, again & again. We are just beginning the wake up call.
    Years & years of developing the proof. This is not just a Conspiracy Theory.

    This is the most important Election in our History. We must win as Americans.

    United We Stand—Please Stand-up, Stand United. Stand with Hillary and Democrats.

    It will not be easy to win this

    Enough evidence of this issue is there to begin charges & prosecution. It will not happen
    with Homeland Security in charge of all our Agencies.

    The United Nations, Interpol, the International Court and Community must stop the
    occupations, the preemptive Wars, The Genocides, and create World Peace for survival
    of us all. Sanctions, Boycotts, Marshall Law, our entire existence DEPENDS ON IT !!

    We all feel it. We all know it. Too many deny our governments involvement.

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