How Can We Stop this Madness

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[youtube=]If this video tears at your insides as much as it does mine please consider taking action to stop this war.  Take part in regional demonstrations happening in areas near you on Sat., OCTOBER 27th.  Check out this website for more information.

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  • James Sanjana

    The fact that the US administration is talking of attacking Iran is an indication that the US government is completely divorced from reality and is no longer fit to govern.
    The US military is in no shape to fight a war with a country like Iran while bogged down and losing the war in Iraq. Unfortunately the American people seem to be incapable of controlling an out of control administration

  • barbpa

    I know it’s frustrating; but, regardless of these frustrations we still must demonstrate, speak out, and work against this horrible president. History will show us as a movement of people for justice and peace. Whether on the internet or in the streets we are turning heads and gaining momentum. Now, with the elections in 08 coming up we must capitalize on our successes and DEMAND PEACE from the next President. Keep on keepin on James.

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