What does this election mean for peace?

This past Tuesday was a rough election for many people, including supporters of a more peaceful foreign policy. While we know that there will be many more proponents of the war in Afghanistan and [...]

Shouldn’t MoveOn Oppose Obama on Afghanistan?

posted by John Nichols on 02/27/2009 The Nation.com MoveOn.org became a meaningful force in American politics when it emerged as a muscular network of activists that was willing to challenge not [...]

The Hardest Vote

The disaffection of Ohio’s working class. by George Packer October 13, 2008 “You can’t make the assumption that because people are suffering economically,” a union official said, that “they’ll [...]

Larger than Expected Protests at the DNC

Thousands more will work to steer the election on this issue after the conventions in one million homes across the country. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats may have believed that most activists [...]