Keep the Pressure On: Tell the Senate, No More Money for this Occupation.

 In Peace

We had an amazing turnout for our campaign to stop the House from authorizing another $162.6 billion for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Our calls commanded action in Congress last week –  2/3rds of the Democratic Party voted against more funding and over 100 Republicans voted “present” in a dire political play.

Now the war funding is in the Senate before it goes back to the house. The Senate is set to vote on the funding within next few days and then the bill will be sent to the House for a final vote.

Call Both Your Senators and ask them to vote no on more funding for the occupation of Iraq and support brining troops and contractors home within a year.  Then call your Representative and ask them to do the same.

CALL: 202.224.3121

ASK: To be connected to your Senator by their name or find them by your State.

TELL: Your Senator to stop funding this illegal occupation and publically support a comprehensive exit strategy outlined in HR 5507.

CALL AGAIN: Make sure to call both your Senators and your Representative.  This will most likely be the only vote on Iraq this year!

REPORT: At the Peace Blog about how your call went!

The House already voted to stop this funding.  Now it’s time to send the the same resounding message to the Senate and to make sure the House defeats it again.  We will not let them waste one more precious dollar on this illegal occupation. Instead that money should be used to redeploy our troops out of Iraq and focus on the crisis here at home. Call the Senate tell them to STOP this supplemental and SUPPORT troop withdrawal.

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  • Frank Spengler

    I called my state’s senators’ offices (of John Warner & Jim Webb) and requested that it be recorded that I’m opposed to any additional funding of the Iraqi occupation. Naturally, and as usual, I received the usual boilerplate response that I’m on record.

  • Martha Ferger

    I reached the offices of both NY Senators after some delays (heavy traffic!) and gave the desired message. No comment from the message takers.

  • Mark Cohan

    phone # to senators in DC to tell my Senator no more money for Iraq occupation and the ph# 202-224-3121 has recording “that it is not in service”.

  • Bienvenido Pia

    Dear Senators and House of representatives,

    I believe that it’s hard not to support an army that maintain Democracy,peace and order in Iraq, Afgahnistan etc. It’s nice to hear that the terrorist Al Qaeda is now very weak in Iraq. I pray that it is now the time for the Iraquis, Afganistanis to build and continuosly live and enjoy Democracy on their own and let them know that the American people invested for their freedom through taxes. In return let them give thanks to American people that love democracy. Americans are not against the Islam but to terrorists that are using their religion to kill innocent people and destroys other religions. Some US candidate took anvantage of this situation. God bless all of you.

  • Cohoesier

    I couldn’t get through, so I sent my Rep an email. He always responds with a hard copy letter. I expect I’ll hear from him again. He will be leaving office this year.

    Dear Rep. McNulty,
    Either the call didn’t go through or “the plug” was pulled on my call on this most auspicious day.

    I realize that this will be your last term and I wish to express my gratitude for your wonderful service to the people of Albany, Montgomery and Schoharie counties. You will be missed.

    As one of your departing gestures, I’m asking this very day that you not support the continuation of funding of our illegal occupation of Iraq, that you will reiterate the House’s defeat of the bill and ask for instead A comprehensive exit plan that will put Iraq in charge of its own destiny and bring our men and women home this year.

  • Bonnie Holmes

    I called my Representative, David Davis. I, unfortunately live in the pro-war mountains of eastern Tennessee and the only result of my phone call, as usual, will be a larger phone bill and a patronizing letter reiterating the same old republican spin. I try to stay positive but the response I have gotten over the last 6+ years is extremely disappointing. Well, hope springs eternal!

  • Ernest G. Barr

    I called Rep. Dan Burton’s office and was told there has been no action on HR5507 since February! However I urged that Rep Burton support this bill. Rep. Burton (R) is known to be in lock-step with the Bush administration. I did ask for a response; it will be interesting to see what he says this time.

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