US Troops are Heading to Georgia

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An Action Alert from our affiliate Peace Action West

Tell Congress to Keep and Eye on the President

The headlines today report that president Bush is sending troops to Georgia on a humanitarian mission. This comes after days of heightened US/Russia tensions and continued conflict between Russia and Georgia, in spite of commitments to cease hostilities.

Our soldiers are being sent into a truly delicate situation. Please act now to tell your member of Congress to tell the president that the rhetoric of escalation with the Russians must stop. Congress must push the president to conduct the kind of smart diplomacy we need to calm the situation. We know far too well that it’s not enough to trust this administration to do the right thing.

Here’s a letter you can send:

Today the president is sending troops to Georgia. I support measures to address the humanitarian situation in Georgia. But I am concerned that the involvement of US troops, mixed with the Cold War bluster coming from both American and Russian politicians, poses risks of escalating and widening the conflict. This is a delicate situation that deserves the utmost care and engaged oversight from Congress.

Congress must push the president to conduct the kind of smart diplomacy we need to calm the situation, and avert military escalation with Russia. Members of Congress must be leaders in defining what effective diplomacy and alternatives to military action look like.

We know far too well that it’s not enough to trust this administration to do the right thing.

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  • joeseabee1

    Dear peace lover,

    Why don’t you try and support this country instead of being against it. What about the people in Georgia? What about our out troops that have been there since before this conflict started? Should we just let everyone there suffer? If you love your religion so much, why don’t you take a shot at setting up camp in Russia. They would love shutting you down. But thank God for the right of freedom of speech!

    It is the hands of God that watches over OUR troops and it is the hands of OUR troops that watches over you. So, sleep tight and don’t worry.

    Best regards,

    Tim Hill(VETERAN)

    P.S. How soon we forget the cold war and the attrocitiesof the communist party over countries like Georgia.

    You can judge a country by how many people are dying to get in vs how many are dying to get out.

  • barbpa

    Dear peace lover and fellow U.S. Soldier Supporter,
    “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Ben Franklin. Do not veil your blind trust of the U.S. government in a respect for military service people. It is disrespectful to what they fight for: the FREEDOM to DISSENT from government is the HIGHEST form of DEMOCRACY.

    Having lived in an area of the FSU that was wracked with genocide for over half a decade I am fully aware of the U.S. troop presence throughout the entire region. No one should suffer under the hands of a powerful military occupation – not Iraqis, Georgians, or the Sudanese. I do not think that the Russian government is any more trust worthy then our own government. I do not trust the Bush administration to broker any peaceful deal because I do not believe that peace is their priority. (please see the Democracy Now! article listed today in this blog).

    Yes, thank goodness (BTW I am not very religious myself so I do not understand your reference to my religion) we have freedom of speech. There are so many who suffer under the whims of dictators and cannot say anything. Yet, how soon do you forget the atrocities of Guantanamo Bay and the secret CIA Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe where we tortured and imprisoned people without trail. Even further back we have the internment of Japanese Americans, the segregation of people of color, and the genocide of Native Americans. Wow – we have ALMOST as bloody a history as Russia, China and any other state you can think of. ALMOST – but we are a young country.

    We are blindly lucky enough not to have suffered the pain we inflict on other countries. Our foreign policy puts OUR TROOPS – my friends and family and your fellow soldiers – at risk for torture and imprisonment. They are lied to and manipulated to fight in unjust wars for empty promises by a corrupt government. It disgusts me to see how many never receive the GI bill benefits they were promised. Or to see how many vets are homeless, addicted to substances, suffering from PTSD, involved in destructive relationships – THE LIST IS ENDLESS.

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