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  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    Greeting tell the next Candidates to bring the troops home and make peace with Afghanistans,
    I would tell Barack Obama to set a time to bring the troops home from Iraq, and set up a meeting with the leader of Afghanistan and pakistan also Iran,because I know that
    John McCain is not goining to try and bring any of those national to the debate
    table, He is just goining to start another war, ask your self how much fighting do you want our young men and troops to do while we are sleeping in our beds at night, let them come home to their family, the people in afghanistan religion is islam,do you know what that mean,thay believe in God, but not Jesus Christ
    In my opinion Obama, has been a Community Organizers,telling people how to bring peace in Community,Afghanistan is a large Community,to defead, al Qaeda and the Taliban the next President much have a great deal of philosophy
    in mind, as with the Indians tribes that was in America, to the battle ground States remember the late Dr. Martin L King he talk about peace and not war, at all time,their will be times when you have to fight, but learn how to heal first.
    by having conversation with other Country, before war that is the way to help bring peace,I vote yes that Obama can bring peace, God bless America

    sign by

    Rev Dr . O.D.Robinson Psy.D.
    Isee you when I see you.
    I thank you

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    Goood morning America
    we only have a few day before November 4, 2008,I know that the Repubicans pary is is pulling out all stop on Barack Obama. I am asking the the voter in
    Pennstlvania and Florida and new Hampshire and to the other battle groung States not ot be fool by John McCain speeches, because his idea is old and what I have hard is the same policys that the Republican has used for the last eight 8 years.I thing it is important that we periodically contact you concerning this races to possible review your mind and say we need a new leader for America and I believe that Barack Obama can be that person he is not a star ,but those of us who vote is the star,our economic turmoil is continue to escalate, we as concumers need help I do not speak to you to provoke anger
    but so that the graet Country can be strong again, and I know that we all want to have a better America, I person need a van for the young people that I give free service to,but I can not borrow no money inorder to buy a used van
    I have over 200 young men and young lady,in my counseling program, with no money, and I know that we can do better in USA

    thank you

    Barack Obama for president

    Sign by

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

    All wells that end well.

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    My fellow America.
    the election is over,I just want to thank the battleground States, and to the State of florida and pennsylvannia for your help, and to all of the voter in the USA both white and black and all the other great people who help to elected Barack Obama,we thank John McCain for his closing remark, I know time is tought but we as a people with the help of God we will have a breake thought
    remember that Obama is just a man, but when all of us get together we can do it let us look at the transitions meeting and dreet at the white house,I am asking the Americans people to give Obama time to take a few days of to rest he is just a man let him make up his mind and not force him to much.
    remember that President elect Obama did not get us in this economic
    turmoil,we will get out of it when we remove some of our troops out of Iraq, the Iraqis danced in the Streets of Baghdad as u.s. commandeers declared Saddam Hussein,s rule over the ancient capital was over, now let them danced for them self one thing that will be the start of bring the America people out of the weak economy, is to bring our troops out of Iraq so that we can stop spinging 10 million dollar a Month, take some of that money and help the three 3 big car maker out, the people of Iraq are not goining to do any better as long as the USA. do their job, thay are like a baby cry and the Americans will stay, those people has been fighting from the time God sended Jonah To Nineveh Jonah did not want to go to that place Iraq is the same place, where Satan his the ground running, so why should we be their read your Bible and see the story of jonah, God help those who help them self, CBS and ABC and CNN might not talk with me or you Thank you again
    for heling Barack Obama to be the next President, he is goining to need our
    support and preyer , I will talk about the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan
    and how to defeat al Qaeda and the taliban,remember help is on the way
    God bless America

    Rev Dr. O. D. Robinson Psy.D

    All well when you make it well
    if you want to e-mail my me some one will get it, e-mail

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    I am back in a few days Barack Obama will become President of the United State of America, in his mind set the Americans people and now Gaza should we take action for Gaza,I would say to the President no let them have it thay are no threat to the USA at this time, the President has his hand full by trying to solve the financial crisis and a new deal providing health care for all and this weak economy crisis, he is goining to need all of the help that he can used for the good of the America people,some one asked me will you help I said yes I will share some ideas,you see I live in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, years ago President Theodore Roosevelt made a public gesture concerning achievements by making a special trip to Mound Bayou, Mississippi I have invited President elect Obama to come to Mound
    Bayou, for a real reason because solving problems like we have in America we much have the senses Intellectus in the brain in order to carry the four
    element of Anima is in the head, per nemos, that is the real reason the President Roosevelt came to Mound bayou,Mississippi,to find out what dose it take to make a real change is it just people of power or the element
    of the world, he wanted to know what each season mint, and when to make a move in the right direction he wanted to know about the four part of the earth
    solve problems like the economic turmoil, and like the people in the third world Country, like I said before I am just a man but a partaker of divine influences, etc,

    God bless America

    what dose,s it take to say all well that end wells


    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D
    get ready we are crossing over to a new change

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    How do you think Barack Obama will do as the 44th President, he will do well with all of our help,on Cbs thay were talking about the President ending
    Guanthnamo, I am okay with that because some of those men are no threat to the United State, he should send them back to their own Country for trail
    or what even. subject the economy is weak, let say to the President Obama
    will you ask each Governor to help with the economic turmoil in their State
    not to hurt the ordinary people and the poor, if each Governor would ask each person that still have a job to give one more dollar out of each pay check it will help save medicaid and some other program. that would take the load of The President if each Governor will help Republicans, and Democratic, this is America let us join hand and hand with God help we will
    do well. thank you my fellow Americans

    Governor get up and do the right thing in your State help the President
    Obama will love it
    when we all do well every one rest better.

    Sign by

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    Greeting my fellow Americans, President Obama need the help of the Gop,inorder to help past the $ 825 billion stimulus packed, do you believe that John McCain said that he will not vote for it,well that is the republican for America, what even it take to help this weak economy we should do it, if we get out of the War in Iraq we will save $10 ballion dollar a month,let us not be provokes with anger that will not help the economy but to have a vision as to which way to go, I am asking the america people to keep the faith in your leader and those that will pray,I am not the President but I believe in the true Philosophy of the people in America.
    President Obama is not the super star but you as an America is the super star because you had the vote, let us stay with a legal reform

    in my closeing
    we are in a strom so put on your seat belts we are goining thought
    I am just a man and we need each other
    this is a wild-card so if you fall get us.

    Sign by

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

  • Reply

    Dear President Obama we are fighting 3 three wars.our third war is with the department of vererans affairs regional office, first one is the Jackson Mississippi regional office, and the next one is the tennessee regional office
    Subject, my son is a disable veteran,he is a 100 per%,I have been over his chick for 15 years or more,I have been paying all of his bill,but back in november 2008 a field agent came to my home, he did not say what his name was, and he did not show me an ID, he just storm in,and after he had talk to me like a dog
    he left,and later I had a 1200 dollar ring that I believe that he took, my son has not receive a check this year, he dose not have
    money to pay his rent or not any of his bill
    Mr. President please give your up attention to this matter the the people in the Jackson office talk to me like I was from a third world country.Secretary Eric K. Shinseki
    please look into this matter

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D

    we have a problem
    let us take care home first

  • Oliver Robinson

    From your America community organizer Pardon my french
    But I believe that the Democratic party and the

    Republican party can work together

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