The New Obama Administration: Key Positions

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Key positions announced as of 12/1/08:

Frequently updated at:

White House
Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel
Deputy Chief of Staff:Jim Messina
Deputy Chief of Staff: Mona Sutphen

Senior adviser & intergovernmental relations and public liaison: Valerie Jarrett
Senior adviser to the President: Peter Rouse
Senior advisor to the President: David Axelrod

Legislative affairs: Phil Schiliro
White House counsel: Gregory Craig
Vice President Chief of Staff: Ron Klain
Staff Secretary: Lisa Brown
Cabinet Secretary: Chris Lu

Director of the Office of Political Affairs: Patrick Gaspard
Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary: Desirée Rogers
Director of Scheduling and Advance: Alyssa Mastromonaco

Director of Communications: Ellen Moran
Press secretary: Robert Gibbs
Deputy Director of Communications: Dan Pfeiffer
Director of Speechwriting: Jonathan Favreau
Director of Intergovernmental Affairs: Cecilia Muñoz

Vice President’s office
Vice President Chief of Staff: Ron Klain
Counsel to the Vice President: Cynthia Hogan
Director of Administration for the Office of the Vice President: Moises (Moe) V. Vela, Jr
Counselor to the Vice President: Mike Donilon
Domestic Policy Advisor to the Vice President: Terrell McSweeny
Assistant to the Vice President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison: Evan Ryan
Chief of Staff for Dr. Jill Biden: Catherine (Cathy) M. Russell
Deputy Chief of Staff to the First Lady: Melissa Winter

Economic team:
Secretary of the Treasury: Timothy F. Geithner
Director of the National Economic Council: Lawrence H. Summers
Director of the Council of Economic Advisors: Christina D. Romer
Director of the Domestic Policy Council: Melody C. Barnes
Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council: Heather A. Higginbottom
Office of Management and Budget Director: Peter Orszag
Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director: Rob Nabors
Chair of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board : Paul Volcker
Staff Director and Chief Economist of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board & Member of the Council of Economic Advisers: Austan Goolsbee

National security team
Secretary of State: Sen. Hillary Clinton
Secretary of Defense: Robert Gates
National Security Advisor: General Jim Jones, USMC (Ret)
Ambassador to the United Nations: Susan Rice
Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security: Governor Janet Napolitano
Attorney General: Eric Holder

Key national security positions involved in weapons of mass destruction issues (announced and not yet announced :

White House – Office of Management and Budget
Office of Management and Budget Director: Peter Orszag
Associate Director for National Security Programs

White House – National Security Council
Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (National Security Advisor): General Jim Jones, USMC (Ret) .
Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Defense Policy and Strategy
Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Counterproliferation Strategy

Defense Department
Secretary of Defense: Robert Gates
Deputy Undersecretary for Policy
Assistant Secretary for Global Security Affairs
Assistant Secretary for Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict & Interdependent Capabilities
Assistant to the Secretary for Nuclear and Chemical and Biological Defense Programs
Director, Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Energy Department
Secretary of Energy
Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and Administrator, National Nuclear Security Administration
Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, National Nuclear Security Administration
Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, National Nuclear Security Administration

State Department
Secretary of State: Sen. Hillary Clinton
Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security
Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs
Assistant Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation
Assistant Secretary for Verification, Compliance, and Implementation

Department of Homeland Security
Undersecretary fo Science and Technology
Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer

Vice President’s office
Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs

Transition team:

Obama-Biden Transition Project – 3 co-chairs: John Podesta, Valerie Jarrett, and Pete Rouse.

Transition team advisory board: Carol Browner, William Daley, Christopher Edley, Michael Froman, Julius Genachowski, Donald Gips, Governor Janet Napolitano, Federico Peña, Susan Rice, Sonal Shah, Mark Gitenstein, and Ted Kaufman.

Transition Senior Staff: Chris Lu – Executive Director
Dan Pfeiffer – Communications Director
Stephanie Cutter – Chief Spokesperson
Cassandra Butts – General Counsel
Jim Messina – Personnel Director
Patrick Gaspard – Associate Personnel Director
Christine Varney – Personnel Counsel
Melody Barnes – Co-Director of Agency Review
Lisa Brown – Co-Director of Agency Review
Phil Schiliro – Director of Congressional Relations
Michael Strautmanis – Director of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs
Katy Kale – Director of Operations
Brad Kiley – Director of Operations

Vice President-elect’s transition team: Mark Gitenstein, and Ted Kaufman.

Agency Review Co-Chairs: Melody Barnes, Lisa Brown, Don Gips
Working Group Members: Seth Harris, David J. Hayes, Reed Hundt, Sally Katzen, Tom Perez, Sarah Sewall, Louisa Terrell, Ray Rivera, Michael Warren, Tom Wheeler, Jon Wilkins

Sarah Sewall is a member of the Obama-Biden Transition Project’s Agency Review Working Group responsible for the national security agencies.

Chief spokeswoman for national security: Brooke Anderson

Department of State Agency Review Team Leads: Tom Donilon, Wendy R. Sherman
Senior advisor for State transition: Warren Christopher
Others on team: Natasha Bilimoria, Esther Brimmer, Lee Feinstein, Robert Gelbard, Matthew Goodman, Michael Guest, Vicki Huddleston, Joseph Huggins, Brian McKeon, Samantha Power, Puneet Talwar, Robert Einhorn

Foreign Assistance
Foreign Assistance (USAID, MCC and PEPFAR) Review Team Leads: Gayle Smith, Aaron Williams
Others on US AID team: Frederick Barton, Wendy Chamberlin, Valerie Dickson-Horton, Sheila Herrling, Larry Nowels

Department of Defense Agency Review Team Leads: John P. White, Michèle A. Flournoy
Informal senior adviser role throughout the defense transition process: Sam Nunn
Others on team: Kurt Campbell, Ashton Carter, Janine Davidson, Matthew Flavin, Jeh Johnson, Donald Kerrick, Ellen Maldonado, James McCleskey, Craig Mullaney, Andrew Shapiro, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Robert Work

National Security Council:
National Security Council Review Team Leads: Antony Blinken, Ivo Daalder, Mara Eve Rudman
Also on team: Derek Chollet

Department of Energy:

Department of Homeland Security:
Department of Homeland Security Review Team Leads: Rand Beers, Clark Kent Ervin
Others on team: Beverly Aimaro Pheto, Rachana Bhowmik, Philip Crowley, Juliette Kayyem, Robert Knake, David Martin, Juan Otero, Nelson Peacock Subhasri Ramanathan, Michael Sheehan

Intelligence Community Review Team Leads: (Includes Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, National Counterterrorism Center): John O. Brennan, Judith A. (“Jami”) Miscik
Also on team: Jennifer Sims
Others on Director of National Intelligence team: Maureen Baginski, Adam Cohn, Robert Harding, Andrew Johnson, Edward Levine, Eric Pelofsky, James Schear, Caryn Wagner

Office of Management and Budget Review Team Lead: Barbara Chow
Others on OMB team:: Gordon Adams, Michael Deich, TJ Glauthier, Jeffrey Liebman, Marcia Occomy, Victoria Wachino

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  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    Community Organizers, say that some people is worry about the new President elect Barack Obama, and his administration: key positions, some has said that Obama is not who he say he is many black was thinking that Obama would place many black in some of the key positions,in my opinion
    to those who asked the quester, I tell the skeptic, that Obama has to make the right choises,in order to lead us out of this weak economy and end the war in Iraq,most black people say that he has to have the white man inorder to tell him what to do,well all people have thair opinion due to the bill of right of the United State of America,Obama has made some wise move,because leader like Asif ali Zardari, and the Muslim people are settting back just to see what the new President is goining to do,to see just how strong Obama is
    so I say to the skeptic to have faith in his Administration key people I say to my community stand stilled let us be one nation hold each other hand
    and we shall over come some day

    hold on to your faith to see what tomorrow will bring
    as I say all well,s that end well.
    until next time.

    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

  • Reply

    Some want to know how President Barack Obama know so much in three Month, well he listen to what othe say, and he is a born leader with a
    vision ane he is a man of philosophy, he is a great thinker.

    Good work mr. President stay the course.

    is President Obama just a man can you answer that.I see you when the time is right
    Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D

  • Reply

    A needed trip for the first lady Michelle Obama and the two Children, a way for the summer trip, my fellow America,s Michelle is just a Lady she have thank the Americ,s people and are proud to serve all of us as the first Lady, my fan never be reproach are be jealous of any one because of a trip
    As America Community Organizer I know that some of us are not able to take a trip but don,t feel bad because I am in the same ethnic group I am a minority
    we all would like some activity in our life those who
    have lost their Jobs and have Children can only keep some bread on the table,butDont,t worry every thing will get better keep the faith I have a vision that help is on the way.
    we hope that the first Lady will injoy her self thank you for listen. Inspire me America,s e-mail me when you want to>

    The key word, we shall live this at our best.

    Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

  • Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

    Not much time left to vote for the the Democratic party, From America community organizer,I wish radio station AFR will stop placing the problem On President Barack Obama,President Obama did not bring the (curse) on the America,s people, it was the GOP President that started the war in Iraq I have a vision that the Republican party will keep the ( curse) going let us stay the course with the Democratic it is not to late to vote to keep the change,all of the problem that we are having is because of what happen in Iraq you see my fellow America,s Iraq is the old Babylon where satan hit the earth,President Obama did not do it it was the GOP President said let go to war in Iraq , my fellow America,s I won and e-mail CBS about the War I never did hear from CBS news, the curse is the reason that we have some of the America,s people have lost their jobs houses, cars and children is suffering, so let us help the Democratic party to remove this CURSE

    this is no joke is the key word

    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D
    traffic this

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    My fellow America,s the State of the union by President Obama,in my mind today we can not fault President Obama for the weak ecomomy, on September 2008 more then 600,000 Americans lost their jobs since January so from January to september 2008 more then 600,000 jobs were lost under President Bush so my friends President Obama walk into a falling Country and I have a vision that House Republican leader John Boehner want to fault President Obama for the jobs losted and where were John Boehner and the other Gop when we were spending more then $ 10 billion every Month on a War in Iraq that should never have been waged, In my vision today I am asking house leader to trade placed with me for just 3)three Month so he can see how the poor and the middle class America,s are living some with no jobs no insurance over 40 Million with no insurance I know because my Wife have no insurance after working 31 years on a job at a hospital as a nurse and no retirement my friend I know how it feel but the Republicans should know how it feel,I have a vision that President Obama are trying to help the poor and the middle class America,s in my opinion the GOP are walking in a inmagination, we as America,s are in the same ethnic group that do not have a job and no insurance I see this gossip will not get the job done let us stand with President Obama,as an Organizer I talk to many America,s who said that the rich are get richer and the poor are get poorer I have no reproach I just want to say that both partys should pull together And God above will help the America,s people I say today John Boehner work with the President inorder to help the America,s people stay up all night if that is what it take
    from your community organizer
    traffic this

    The key word is, John Boehner join hand with President Obama if you want to see a better America

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    My fellower American did you watch the American convervation union in Washington D.C. on C-span thursday my fellow American the Gop call it the cpac. never in the history of this great country did any one speak so bad about the President of the United State on my mind today the Gop are walking in a imagination about what a change mean I feel a dark chill about the Republicans not all of them but the one who have a bad reproach against President Barack Obama my friend the President has a great vision how to leaded this Country,but jealousy have blinded some of the American people I know this is not about spenting America dollar, if so why not talk about the $ 10 billion that was used in the war in Iraq each Month I have a vision and a Prophetic that if you are black stay back buy you a car or a small home and that will be okay, my friend in America what do you think about a Mississippi Gov,like Haley Barbour who want to be President well my fellow America,s I have my opinion, I would like to trade place with my Governor H. B. My fellow American what do the Gop mean when thay say we want to take our Country back we have not lost it I say to you Gops who are against the President show some Generosity we are American the slave trade is over,we are in a weak economy let let join hand and hand for a better American,

    The key word for today is (stop the gossiping)

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D.
    traffic this to Google and other site and CBS ABC CNN NBC and all other, and let us stop wasting money on cpac Convervation.

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    My friends in America,s thing goining to get better I am a great believer that this weak economy will not stop us world war one and world war two did not stop the American people I born on a plantation time was hard but with a strong hand of my father and mother and the 15 children pull together but we made it so in America both Democrats and Republican must not pull away from each other in my dream this is just one in America when disaster come we all suffer our losts and save what we can we much not stop now even in a crisis we must hold each other up white and black we all have dreams to do better we are bless.
    I see you when I see you good luck to president Barack Obama let us stay the course.

    the key word-is Motivational let stand strong.

    Rev Dr O.D. Robinson Psy.D.
    I send this to the world

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    from your America community organizer to the people in the union in wisconsin let us have a peaceful ending in my opinion Rep.Governor Scott Walker must have a real plan for the union worker because the people elected him as their Governor in my vision the Governor should ask the President Obama what should he do to solve the problem and never be to high minded to asked.

    This is American

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.
    the key word is.let us make peace and not War

  • Reply

    My Fellow American I have a vision that the people of Libya is moving for a new day, thay wantfree speech and the right to vote President Obama has asked Qaddafi to step down inoder to have a change in Libya the people in the third world Country have all ways had their fight and protest should Qaddafi step down I have a vision that he should for the good of that nation,we as America,s do not need another war, we are asking President Obama to give the American people a time table to deploy our troops out of Afghanistan so that thay will grow up to fight their own fight my friend I am not reproach but in my vision a time table to be put in place, we are spending our fund to fund the war in Afghanistan I believe that President Obama has a time table on Afghanistan

    the key word you leader in Afghanistan ( stand on your own feet)
    traffic this

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D

  • Reply

    From America community organizer, subject the tea party
    and Michelle Bachmann she talk big, but what is her strategy for the Americans people in my Vision she has no strategy in a poor and weak economy the GOP is try to find a good candidates in my vision Michelle Bachmann I know you would like to be president but this is the wrong time, President Obama has a great Philosophy for the Country if the Gop will stop walking out, we here in America want to pull together and make a strong Americans not just some one to reproach and fault President Obama,the president has a plan to deploy our U. S. troops out of Afghanistan and Pakistan

    I want to say to my fellow American no more tea party
    The key word is ( if you need the tea party to help you be President give it up)

    Rev, Dr O.D. Robinson Psy.D

  • Jerri Mccollester

    Hey, great post. You often have great content material. Completely agree with every little thing you just posted.

  • Michelle

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