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I hope you are as touched by this message as I was.  Paul Kawika Martin


Dear Martin,

Thanks for your peace action peace blog articles Afghanistan and Pakistan Myths vs. Facts and Call Now To Stop War Funding

We are also trying to do what we can here in Afghanistan to just touch the silence on truth, albeit with almost ZERO results.

What has humanity become when it’s almost a ‘shameful’ matter to struggle for peace? No wonder some of my Afghan college student friends have concluded that peace is NOT possible. It certainly isn’t where the money is. J

WE are merely asking questions through our effort but have realized that even our questions will not be heard.

Please watch one of our clips where Afghan youth working at Bamiyan Peace Park ask :
Where is humanity in Obama’s 83 billion++ American war?

Many thanks and much peace!
Young / Hakim
On behalf of Our Journey to Smile

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