On the ground in Iran: Tehran update

 In Iran

Photo of a Basiji forwarded to me by a contact in Esfahan

Here is another update on the situation in Tehran from my contact there, whom I quoted earlier this week:

It’s 1:00 am
I am just coming from outside.
The streets was full of people. (only with their cars)

Unbelievable how many Police and Basiji i saw on the streets. Standing at each crossroad with their batons and Evil eyes.
Incredible how many roadblocks they had built this shows that the regime is afraid of the wrath of the people.  Specially in Jaame Jam Street near the National TV station –  there was so many guards. But i can tell you since last Friday the people have turned the night into day. There are so many cars in the streets. I saw so many guards in the street tonight and i haven’t heard any protest with the car horns tonight. I think the people are afraid and shocked of the big presence of all kind of security forces like Basij , police …..in the streets. They were laughing and playing with their batons . A very ugly laughing.

This famous ugly Basiji laughing that unfortunately every Iranian knows. I HATE IT!!!
Today everything was much calmer than the last nights. The people have changed the way of the movement they have stopped there aggressive protests and i think we are going into the next stage of the movement.  Peaceful protests and rally’s and ….maybe – maybe i am not sure but i think the people will go for strike next week or if the rally’s continue – the week after that.

In contrast of few days ago where i thought that the protests will end soon , i have changed my opinion now and i think that this time everything is different than the past. The people are continuing their protests day after day and the crowds are getting huger and huger. As we all saw today on the 7thTir and Karimkhan street. Beside the fact that Ahmadinejad created a very bad image of Iran in the last for years, i have really to thank him now because without Ahmadinejad this what we see in Iran now would not be possible and maybe all the …..would happen much later.

Years after years the Iranians was suffering from this brutal regime. To say it in one word : THEY HAVE ENOUGH !
And another thing that i have understand during the last days is that :  it seems that the people are using Mussavi as a legal pretext/or an excuse for their revolutionary movement , because mussavi is one of them or let me say gently: was one of them. The people are using the name of mussavi so they can continue with their protests as it were legal. (As it is not in Iran)

As i said before we don’t have to forget that even Mussavi is in some form one of them. I don’t think that because he is much moderator now than the ruling mullahs he will bring much change to Iran if he would take the place of Ahmadinejad.
We have to be aware of this undeniable fact !!! But ones again the Mussavi and Ahmadinejad conflict can be a huge chance for the Iranian people to free themselves from this Regime and doing the first steps towards a democratic and bright future.

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