Join us for "Wasting Lives and Money in Afghanistan: A Progressive Response"

 In Afghanistan

Peace Action West is joining with the Wellstone Democratic Club in cosponsoring this event with authors and activists Reese Erlich and Norman Solomon. This is an important time for the peace movement to regroup and discuss our next steps for promoting nonmilitary alternatives in Afghanistan, as we prepare for a congressional battle on funding for the troop surge in Afghanistan and votes on the military and development budgets for Afghanistan. If you are in the Bay Area, please join us on April 8th.

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  • 25outof25centralasia

    Thanks for the notice of the meeting, Rebecca. I appreciate deeply what you are doing. As you know, I’ve been posting at: and you can now get Members of Congress to pledge to vote NO on the 33 Billion dollars that will be wasted in Afghanistan. We are almost at ONE TRILLION ( wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rebecca, put up a link to Members of Congress and let’s get a jump on this. It’s coming up this month..Thanks again..In Peace, John

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