Norman Solomon is against the next war

 In Election 2012

The war drums are beating again.

Republican presidential candidates are tripping over each other to be the toughest on Iran.  A group of senators has introduced a new bill that could put the US on the path toward war with Iran, and the House is sure to follow.

We need to elect people who will speak up against this insanity. Please donate today to help elect pro-peace candidate Norman Solomon.

A grassroots candidate with a long history of activism, he has unique experience that the Joe Liebermans and Lindsey Grahams of the world don’t have.

As he told Peace Action West, “Talking with hundreds of Iranian people during a visit to Tehran in 2005, I was moved by their gentle hopes for a better future. Like the Iraqis who I’d met a few years earlier in Baghdad, and like the Afghans who I was to meet years later in Kabul, those Iranians had already suffered from the ravages of war.”

Norman Solomon knows that innocent lives are at stake, and he won’t stop fighting to end the wars we’re in and prevent new ones. Can you donate $15 today to make sure his voice is heard in Congress?

Norman is running a campaign based on people power, with no corporate contributions, and the primary is just a few months away. By joining your contribution with other Peace Action West supporters around the country, you’re showing the power of the peace movement and helping us drown out those war drums.

Please donate to Norman Solomon today.

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