An anti-war champion poised for victory: message from Bill Hedrick

 In Afghanistan, Election 2010

As soon as I met Bill Hedrick in February, I knew I would be proud to throw Peace Action West’s support behind his campaign. Bill is a smart, bold progressive who is in touch with the real needs of everyday people in his district. He came within 3 points of beating rubber-stamp Republican Ken Calvert in 2008, and his victory will show Congress that a candidate who fearlessly advocates for peace can win, even in a conservative district. Please read the message below  from Bill and help us put him over the top in November.

I know that you, like me, are opposed to the troop surge in Afghanistan. I can’t think of a worse way to spend American money and risk American lives than increasing our military presence in Afghanistan.

Unlike many members of Congress, I cannot ignore the human impact of war. My son Adam and his wife Natalie are currently serving their third deployments in Iraq, and my other son Jesse and his wife Evelyn have also served.

I cannot support sending more troops to Afghanistan. I was the first major Congressional candidate to oppose this policy, because I know it will put more American lives at risk just to prop up the corrupt Karzai government, and will cost tens of billions of dollars we need to use here in America. Your contribution of $25, $35, $50 or whatever you can afford will help elect me to Congress so I can work to end this war.

My decision to run for Congress in 2007 was largely due to my opposition to the Bush policy in Iraq—how it affected families like mine personally and our country economically. Three years later and it’s the same policies playing out in Afghanistan with what I’m sure will be the same results – a strain on our military, a drain of our financial resources and, in the end, no guarantee that America will be safer tomorrow than it was before we went in.

When I am in Congress, I will fight to bring our soldiers home as quickly and safely as possible, honor the obligations owed to our veterans for their service, and get to work rebuilding America with the money we’re no longer sending over there.

I’m so grateful to have the support of a great organization like Peace Action West, because I can’t do it without help from people like you. Your contribution of $25, $35, $50 or what ever you can afford will send a message to Washington that we are tired of broken military policies that continue to put American lives at risk and further plunge our country into debt. Please donate today.

Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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