Marcy Winograd needs your help

 In Election 2010

One of the richest members of Congress vs. a people-powered grassroots campaign. Who will triumph on June 8th? The answer depends on you.

Progressive leader Marcy Winograd needs your help. Click here to sign up to make calls from home in this last critical month.

Marcy Winograd is running against hawkish Blue Dog Democrat Jane Harman in the California district 36 Democratic primary on June 8th. Marcy’s message of fighting for jobs not wars, Main Street not Wall Street, is taking hold. Harman is feeling the heat, and even went as far as citing a 3-year-old Peace Action voting record in her campaign literature to try to bolster her flimsy progressive record. We need to make sure the voters in the district turn out for the real progressive.

Absentee ballots will be mailed next week. This is crunch time. It all comes down to who can get the most people to the polls on June 8th. Harman has no shortage of money to throw at this race. Marcy is relying on people like you and me to get her message out to voters. I have made calls myself through the online phonebanking system, and it is easy and fun.  Sign up today to help Marcy Winograd to victory on June 8th, and her campaign will contact you with all the information you need to get started.

This race isn’t just about Marcy Winograd and Jane Harman. This is about sending a message to members of Congress who cower in fear of right wing attacks when they should be speaking out for a smarter foreign policy that will make us safer and bring greater peace and stability to the world. It’s a message to others like Jane Harman who vote to waste billions on war and rattle sabers at Iran. You can help make waves in Congress and build the real leadership we need for progressive change, without even leaving your house.

Please sign up today.

Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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  • K Carter

    Yes! Grassroots action IS the answer for world peace! For a guide to individual empowerment, see The site’s founder absolutely believes that peace starts inside each one of us.

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