New START has better experts on its side

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The Prague Project compiled this hilarious chart in response to the über right-wing Heritage Foundation’s claims that “the list of experts [against New START] is large”:

One of the most egregious arguments peddled by New START proponents is that no reasonable arms control expert is opposed to New START. That is blatantly false. Americans deserve honesty in this debate…

The graph speaks for itself. They also offered this brief analysis:

Over Seventy former high-level government officials and senior military officers have come out in support of New START.  In addition, every administration official supported the treaty, from Hillary Clinton, to Bob Gates, and, representing the entire uniformed military, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Michael Mullen.

Heritage rounded up six – five George W. Bush appointees and a former Senator.

The scoreboard overwhelmingly favors New START.  The policy debate has been settled.  It’s time for the Senate to ratify this treaty so that the United States can reap the national security benefits that the treaty provides.

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