Can Sarah Palin defeat Raul Grijalva?

 In Election 2010

Raul Grijalva has fought for us in Congress as a reliable progressive voice. Will we fight for him?

Raul is in for a major fight as he faces attacks from the tea party extremists who back his Sarah Palin-endorsed opponent.  Click here to donate to Raul Grijalva’s campaign.

Raul is coming under fire for his uncompromising progressive voice. Republicans are trying to take advantage of his outspoken opposition to Arizona’s unjust immigration law and pouring resources into the district.

His opponent, scientist Ruth McClung, is running an empty campaign full of tea party buzzwords like “socialism” and “liberty.” She recently praised George Bush Sr. for threatening to nuke Iraq. She also thinks it’s very important for you to know that Santa Claus is a Republican.  McClung asks, in reference to President Obama, “Who do you want to make decisions on nuclear weapons? A community organizer or a rocket scientist?” I’m asking you, who do you want making decisions on issues of war and peace for Arizona’s 7th district: a committed, pro-peace progressive, or a card carrying member of the tea party’s lunatic fringe?  Click here to help Raul Grijalva win.

With just two weeks before the election, Raul needs your help more than ever. There are critical decisions coming up next year on withdrawing from the war in Afghanistan and what kind of budget cuts will be made to reduce the deficit, and we need to defend progressives like Raul in Congress.  His campaign came to us for help because they know we can make a real difference when we come together to support our progressive champions. Let’s show them the impact we can have on this race. Please click here to donate.


Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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