3 things you can do in this election

 In Election 2010

Next year, will Congress push President Obama to set a timeline to end the war in Afghanistan, or will they call him soft on terror and demand endless war?

Will they support ridding the world of nuclear weapons, or will they obstruct progress while ranting about missile defense and the Soviet Union?

I know which Congress I want to see. Millions of voters will head to the polls on November 2nd, and we need to make sure the peace vote counts in this critical election.

Here are three things you can do for peace in this election:

  1. Vote for pro-peace candidates. War and peace, life and death issues literally hang in the balance in 2011. We need to defend those who’ve spoken up for peace in Congress, while kicking out the politicians who have engaged in fear-mongering and support for endless war. Click here to find your polling place, and PLEASE make sure to VOTE! To learn more about where current members of Congress stand on critical peace issues, click here to view our 2009 congressional voting record.
  2. Tell your friends to vote for pro-peace candidates. Every vote is going to count in these competitive races, and so much hangs in the balance. Please contact at least five friends in your area with a personal note about why it’s so important to vote.
  3. Donate to pro-peace candidates. When politicians stick their necks out by speaking out for peace, they sometimes have to pay a political price. We need to stand up for those brave enough to do it, and there are several peace leaders in tight races whose opponents are attacking them for their pro-peace stance. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have already raised more than $18,000 for pro-peace candidates in 2010. But they’ll need your help now more than ever in the final stretch, to turn out last-minute voters. Click here to donate to our 2010 congressional champions who have stood up for peace in Congress, and click here to donate to candidates in some of the most competitive races in the west.
I’m looking forward to getting on the phone on Election Day and helping get more pro-peace voices in Congress.  Thank you for making it possible.


Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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