What's next

Even though I knew it was going to be a tough election, it’s still disappointing to face the reality of losing some wonderful allies and seeing opponents of our pro-peace agenda headed to [...]

Bill Hedrick phone blast a huge success- thank you!

Together, we did great work this week in our phone blast to help elect Bill Hedrick in California’s 44th district.  Between Peace Action West supporters and the Hedrick campaign, more than 200 [...]

Meet Marcy Winograd and Bill Hedrick, our first peace candidates of 2010

Every day, Peace Action West and our supporters pressure Congress to support smart foreign policies like eliminating the threat from nuclear weapons and solving conflicts through diplomacy. Every [...]

Big Change

A lot can happen in a decade. So as we end this one, I ask you to think big. What do you hope the world will look like by the end of the next decade? Do you think it’s a vision worth [...]